5 Awesome Alternative Vacation Destinations

The world is a big place and there are so many destinations to see. Sure, places like Paris and Rio are memorable cities, but couples hoping for a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life might want to cruise & stay in a lesser-travelled locale. These alternative vacation destinations will do the trick.

Alternative holiday ideas offer couples the possibility of relaxing and enjoying each other’s company rather than battling throngs of tourists. So, skip the most popular destinations and head off the beaten path just a bit. Here are five great alternative holiday ideas for couples.

Montreal Instead Of Paris

alternative vacation destinations Montreal

Paris is a beautiful city, famed as the City of Light. Consequently, every couple wants to go to Paris. For something a little different, why not consider Montreal, Canada? For a Parisian experience outside of Paris, Montreal is an ideal substitute. 

Sit and sip coffee in the fresh spring air at a charming sidewalk café, or wander through the streets of the old town centre. Montreal even has its own version of Notre Dame – the Oratoire Saint-Joseph

A quiet yet edgy town running on a fuel of exquisite food, indie music and fine art, Montreal is a truly European destination just a continent away.

Krakow Instead Of Prague

alternative vacation destinations Krakow

Until recently, Prague was one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. However, it is now one of Eastern Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. For something a little different, couples might consider visiting Krakow instead. 

Poland is not unlike the Czech Republic, but a lot more affordable for those travelling on a budget. Its medieval town centre, charming cobbled streets and fairy-tale castles provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday any time of year.

Naples Instead Of Rome

alternative vacation destinations Naples

Naples may have a gritty reputation, but it is actually a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. While tons of tourists crowd the streets of Rome, Naples hasn’t been similarly inundated.  There are dozens of churches from various periods, and museums filled with Italian masterpieces.

Food is important in Naples – although known as the birthplace of pizza, other local wonders include seafood and rice dishes. For an unforgettable day trip from Naples, couples can visit the historic site of Pompeii, just 45 minutes away.

San Francisco Instead Of Los Angeles

Everyone loves L.A. but it is crowded, loud and filled with tourists from all over the world.  As an alternative, visit San Francisco. Yes, San Francisco does get its fair share of tourists, but in lesser numbers than Los Angeles. 

The beaches aren’t cluttered, it’s easy to walk along the hilly streets, and people are much more welcoming. San Francisco’s trolley cars are a treat to ride, while the Golden Gate Bridge offers great views of the city.

Toronto Instead Of Boston

Boston may be home to Harvard University and have lots of museums and historic American sites, but for some it can be crowded, expensive and fast-paced. An interesting alternative to Boston is Toronto, also a historic city, but a little more laid back and a lot less busy. 

It has great boutiques and top-notch restaurants offering couples a great experience, but that isn’t all. Toronto is home to some really wonderful museums, galleries, farmers markets and scenic parks.


This concludes our list of awesome alternative vacation destinations, we hope you find it useful and we hope you have an amazing trip. Very often the less popular destinations will be much more enjoyable. So go out there and have fun!

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