Singapore For The Solo Female Traveler

Singapore’s worldwide reputation is that of an extremely clean, very orderly city. While this is quite true (and can be attested to by the level of seriousness in which they take their crosswalks – you DO NOT walk when not permitted), it’s certainly not all there is to the “Lion City”.

Another thing you hear often about Singapore is that you shouldn’t spend too long visiting there because it’s too expensive. Many people only travel there for two days or so as they continue on their Southeast Asian route or continue on to a different Asian metropolis.

Now, I’m not going to deny that yes, you can probably see many of the city’s sights and get a good taste for all things Singapore in a short period of time (it’s quite a small city).

But I stayed a week in Singapore, and found it to be one of the most favorite places I’ve visited and I did not fall short of things to do by any means. Staying a bit longer in Singapore allows you to dive deeper into this interesting city.

So, Singapore For Solo Female Travelers

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Singapore is one of the safest places on the planet. I felt safer there than I did in my Grandmother’s nursing home (it’s the higher chance of theft at the nursing home that’ll do you in).

You could probably walk around Singapore naked and holding a giant wad of cash in both hands, and no one would come anywhere near you. You shouldn’t, because that would make you an a**hole and you’d get arrested anyhow, but you wouldn’t get robbed and/or assaulted.

There’s probably not anywhere else in the world where the same would be true. Including my Grandmother’s nursing home. The orderliness of the city also factors into other aspects of traveling that would otherwise create dangerous situations for women traveling solo.

For instance, you will never feel anything but complete comfort with the taxi drivers, who wouldn’t dream of ripping you off as they would in other places just because they figure you don’t know any better.

The same can not be said for traveling throughout many places in the rest of the world, unfortunately. I didn’t get any of those looks there, either. The kind we as solo female travelers dread.

When men gathered on street corners glare at you in predator-like fashion. You can almost physically feel them undressing you with their eyes. I’m happy to report that Singapore is completely devoid of this type of uncomfortable oogling.

Ladies, you can relax here. It’s a nice treat. A part of my decision to spend so much time in Singapore was also a result of reading about the Little India neighborhood of the city.

Indian culture is one that fascinates and intrigues me greatly, but the idea of traveling to India solo is just not something I’m comfortable with doing at the moment (a hot button topic in the travel community).

So after learning of this very authentic enclave of Indian culture within the city of Singapore, I thought I’d treat it as a pseudo replacement for visiting India solo, and do so in an extremely safe environment.

There are a lot of great boutique hotels located in the Little India neighborhood, if you’d like to make that your base in Singapore.

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Singapore For The Solo Female Traveler

Singapore’s worldwide reputation is that of an extremely clean, very orderly city. While this is quite true (and can be attested to by the...

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